Friday, 26 June 2009

Two poems by bani haykal

from adsurbism


decidedly,        the staples unbuttoned
                unscrambles together the purpose
     trudgingalong our                   methodologies breathing
                        towards the corridors where perceptions
             are mimicked to profess in metaphors
         for betterments hidden in puzzle boxes.

                                whata sentence whata sentence what
                a sentence.         unstructured; tongues
                  bloom into music kissing lip gloss
                 bright in the afternoon sun, as we stand
        to pretend caring, catching bites whilst spitting
                          plastic into cans, bring the legs and make them
            taste sweetly in unison to the satisfying sigh
                                                                   called relief.

who         standsbaffled     to the
        acoustic moon violently marooning the clumsy
    thinker washing his face in dull cinema
               called care? i certainly don't, i certainly
don't;                                    intend to pretend
         is a phrase used in a sentence, a sentence
                whata sentence, breathing life only seconds
             to comatose relief because                 friends,         friends,
                friends,                                    friends,                friends :
                my buttons scrambled a purpose
                        a purpose i call life
         and an open call to death
                        is default payment we cash
           in every puzzling month.


to this nested atrium farming brain
        cancer, each sunrise was mad
beautiful.         a harbor for a balcony, a bed
for a suitcase, toasts for table scraps and
red                 bloom         kisses
                        for fumes and hard
   trucks rushing through. gravity restless
   order to restrain a                 m i c r o s c o p i c
perception of joy.                 restless illumination
          meandering / undulating and i bask soaking;
        crooning.                 killjoy marooned.

           bluffed out intermission
        paused                                                        ;
                        through curtains                 in a headfuck
                          gunpoint victim crouching to
          meticulous bipolarity called life. ours
                                               was a curve; bending
                  in unison to song;  swoop in
                                betweening cradle and tongue, and
   poof                                                                        ; brain cancer. in
                                                                            depth of pinches
                   fractured,                 post-giddy                         headache
 b l o o m         to footsteps                 of f          cue.


bani haykal is from Singapore. You can read more of his work at misinterpretings, or at the adsurbisms microsite, which also has #01 as a pdf and as audio. bani is also part of the mux collective and the B-Quartet.

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