Monday, 29 June 2009

Nathan Thompson - the day maybe died

the day maybe died

running out on the new book half way through      you deal
faces      these are blue days      blues      ‘I wish we was (I were) in St Malo’
or wherever      I’m not sure      this is not
so illogical as it sounds today      land’s never mind
considering the where you are where I am factor of the situation

at first I too had intended harmony      like a huge ‘O’      but I seem to have
finished early      ‘the bad break is hardest to mend’
no shit
                  and the criminal loops his smooth fingers
about a tree      it is all too tall and obvious
how about a short tomato      what’s the difference?

the difference is my face is empty as a rotten microscope
waiting for something really big to get my teeth into
‘is it your bank or another one?’      I don’t have the heart

                                                                too many questions

I’m not really interested in the intricate yesterdays of a talking horse
give me the down to turf derby every time      laugh to win
bubbles (10-1) at Ascot      ‘is it really possible to go anywhere with ladybirds?’

                                                                you may well ask

we rose too early this morning to do things the way we intended
work was out      the exercise bike of broken images had flown away with itself
making a mockery of my lit cigarette      the moon in which
future rooks are roosting      their eyes quail like eggs in the walked crooks
        of their hands
‘is nothing sacred?’      ‘dear teddy-bear Joe: no’      it’s not as if
it’s only you who is tasteless      energy sleeps south of your thrilling paws
clubbed together for a glass of sangria      I offered      but a bottle of Raymond
was what was needed    not quite celebratory coverage but celebrity ladies wear
in a shop window Jacques Brel style

                                                                    the effortlessness of your impossible health
is frustrating      sure you can sing      but can you dance
the king of Pepsi duffed up outside court opens his white arms
like an uncharitable disease with soft spots for everyone
soon we’ll be talking notes      too many questions
are out of the question      hair trigger reactions      blue looks
                                                                                          ‘dear Frank (you’re fired)
what do you make of all this’    but you’re having a coke with the wrong sponsor
the burgers are on bald Elvis green eyed in Hawaii

                                                                                                      25-26 June 2009

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