Tuesday 23 July 2013

Sending Kenneth Goldsmith into an Infinite Feedback Loop

Following on from Kenneth Goldsmith's announcement that he wants to 'Print the Internet' (as part of an 'art project' or some kind of conceptual thing which I don't entirely see the underlying point of) the Editors of Gists and Piths have come up with an artistic response.

We would like to invite bloggers to use automated syndicate widgets to begin reposting updates from Kenneth Goldsmith's project blog, and then reposting each other's updates from each other's blogs, thereby sending the project into an infinite feedback loop.

While there's no guarantee anyone will be able to overwhelm the project with itself given the deadline and unfulfilled potentiality to the project, we would like to raise the point that there is a nice irony in trying and failing to drown Kenneth Goldsmith in his own tree-slaughtering art. As Hans Bernhard has demonstrated, others are making better use of the internet's inherent contradictions and feedback loops to produce conceptual art projects.