Sunday, 22 March 2009

Rupert Loydell & Nathan Thompson - Memos to Self (4)


If I cannot live backwards I will live forwards.

Midnight - noon - a charm bracelet of tickets. Soon the whole fiesta.

I think perhaps I should lighten up a little.

How can you tell that the morning star and the evening star are the same thing? Circular breathing. There is still a risk of course: inner city; cold water; the reckless heckles that contribute smallness.

It would be apposite to point out that sometimes air brightens and begins to clear. The moon rising like a love-song through the clouds; a cat on a tightrope walking to the party.

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Sheila said...

Re. Circular breathing - Sometimes a little interruption is what's needed, perhaps some darkness at noon. As for the cat, it has its own agenda. You're just the guy with the kibbles and the pen.