Friday, 27 March 2009

The Basho Award

Gists and Piths are proud to announce the inaugural Basho Poetry Award, introduced to exploit, sorry, honour the name of one Japan's most celebrated poets.

Basho was an acknowledged master of the haiku, a strictly measured short poem consisting of three lines, and containing only 17 syllables.

The minimum length of all entries to the Basho Poetry Award is 2000 lines.

Basho's haiku are widely regarded as the pinnacle of the haiku form, and are noted for their brevity, restraint and concision.

Our wildly inappropriate judging panel includes Homer, Virgil, Dante and Tolstoy.

The entry fee for the first poem is a frog in a pond, and a crow in a pine tree for each subsequent poem. All entry fees will be donated to the Norfolk Rest Home for Hungry Spaniels.


Emily Hasler said...

Hahahahahaha. Brilliance. xx

Alistair Noon said...

Stop it! You've had me laughing all day!