Thursday, 21 July 2016

Cia Rinne

FS spotted an eclectic sound-installation poem by Cia Rinne, via this interview at Full Stop. FS adds:

Cia Rinne is multi:

multi-disciplinary (writer, philosopher, poet, artist of many media)
multi-cultural (of Finnish descent, born in Sweden, raised in Germany)
multi-lingual in her writing (and, it is safe to presume, her thinking).

Her research extends beyond the play with language to which many young writers see themselves confined with an 'everything has already been said' sort of shrug; she delves into the switch between languages, into acoustic experiments, sociological community studies, archival structures and philosophical games.

Cia Rinne represents an exciting reminder of what it can mean to be a writer today, in a world whose relationship with boxes and borders is again becoming difficult; someone who insists on, and finds her many voices in, fluidity.

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