Wednesday, 24 August 2011

An antidote to high budget waste

Interesting enough in itself to see YouTube hosting free films.

More interesting that Plan 9 from Outer Space is up there for free. (You do need to sign in to view, but given Google owns that and half the free internet world, you can use pretty much any online account, from gmail to blogger, to your Tesco Clubcard (note: unverified).)

The Editors often have conversations about failed masterpieces.[*] In exaggerated language, the conversation runs along these lines, with editors interchangeable for each other:

Ed: I am always far more impressed by the failed ambitions of an auteur--

Ed: Especially when that ambition fails by the naivete of the Artiste's technical understanding--

Ed: Of the medium operandi.

Ed & Ed: HA! Aren't we pretentious?

Ed: It's satisfying to see so much mad energy arise from what some call 'mistakes'.

Ed: Maybe if we 'dulled our senses' with a little more of this Thai whiskey, we might come up with something as good.

Ed: Chin-chin old chap!

(Two hours later.)

Ed & Ed: *blllluuuurrbbbble bbbbuuuuurrrrrble*

[*] Unfortunately, 'Plan 9' doesn't really have masterpiece status written into it, but it's very watchable for the wrong reasons.

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