Tuesday, 10 May 2011

A New Addition to the Links Sidebar

Oliver Dixon, who was kind enough to comment on my rather unwieldy post from a few days back, also has his own blog, entitled Ictus, which is very good.  I was particularly pleased to see a video of Swell Maps posted a few weeks back.  Swell Maps, in case you were wondering, are the second best post-punk band to come from Birmingham.  These guys are the best: fact.  Just listen to the woozy, echoey guitar loping into view at around three and a half minutes, and the squalling saxaphone it drags in its wake: just plain lovely, in a discordant way.     

1 comment:

oliver dixon said...

Thanks for the positive mention, Simon and for linking with Ictus. I'd forgotten the Aupairs - top stuff!