Saturday, 24 October 2009

David Devanny - mark chagall – i and the village

there was a man in a town who decided to become a baker – but once he was a baker every third loaf he baked went awry – some loaves were misshapen – too flat or didn’t rise – some loaves were burnt – some undercooked – some came out looking like obscene body parts – some went missing entirely – what the defect was in each case was not consistent – but what was consistent was that it was every third loaf

the baker went out of his mind – he tried everything – tinkering with every bit of the oven – filming the contents of the oven – trying to trick the oven – calling over a friend to watch the baking process – but nothing worked – and so disheartened the baker wrapped himself up in brown paper until he had decided what he wanted to do

the baker decided to become a scientist – but once he was a scientist every third experiment he performed went awry – the first and the second would pass without problem – he would prove his theories and his graphs would correlate – but the third experiment without fail would fail – and the scientist could not help but let it get to him – no matter how much he – well you can see how it goes – so he wrapped himself up in brown paper until he had decided what to do

well it so happened – at this very same time – in another part of our town another man set up a balloon printing business – and so the scientist who had been a baker who had been a man – decided to give up trying to prove things and to give up trying to create things and he – having unwrapped himself – and feeling as a potter’s wheel spinning of its own accord – sat down to count to one hundred – he never got there

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