Friday, 18 September 2009

Mark Goodwin - On Blhà Bienn, Skye, January 1st 2002

For Nikki & Chris

now snow has no foot      prints but our      own
after      noon light a gold      for ever      plating

silver      instant      jagged Black      Cuillin miles
off amongst cloud in      flated by sun      breath

all      dangers of a lifetime      collected laid      out
as black back      bone terrible &      beauty      full

Bl      ack Cuill      in crinkled      silver seen through
wind-thrust spark      ling snow specks ang      er

patient as glaciation sheet      steel-stone bitten and
bent by      some heav      en's sky      blue edge sun

lays light      years of distance      across a rusted
sword an ero      ded vibrance      spindrift l      ays

                         glitter across our

faces      glinting ice      -clogged lo      chans cling
amongst a p      ile of planet-sp      linters people call

Black      Cuillin Black      Cuillin Skye's smashed
plough      -blade now      turns thickening air's pur

ple & gr      ey ground      over world      sleaks
through sky-rip into vast      black behind every

thing a moon-      drop of frost’s      blood touches
and just      balances      on a motion      less tremble

of ragged at      om-narrow horizon      now snow
has no footprints but our own an untrodden-

on day      ours to write our      pass      age acro      ss
sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss ...

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