Friday, 28 August 2009

More news...

Brief August hiatus drawing to a close, and there's a small backlog of notices to catch up on. (Interesting how I first wrote "backloaf of notices", as if I've also not been eating most of this month. Or it might have something to do with watching Meat Loaf Aday in the excellent Masters of Horror film by Dario Argento, 'Pelts', just yesterday.) Warning: some shameless self-promotion ahead (which I'm taking full liberty/responsibility for, given Simon's currently net-hermetic lifestyle).

- Tears in the Fence 50th issue bash. One of the events of the year, not least because I'll be reading with James Wilkes (who I'll be co-launching my penned in the margins debut with in mid-November). It's a great magazine, well worth the subscription.

- Nine Arches Press have just announced BookSwarm. Some great forthcoming titles mean a subscription to their publications won't be amiss: David Morley, Peter Carpenter, Matt Nunn (short stories and poetry forthcoming) all have pamphlets/full length collections due. (As does the other G&P editor, Simon Turner, some time in the future, though who knows when, given his hermit status. And possibly me too, in summer 2010, though I may well drop out of society before that date, what with Simon's example being so enticing. If anyone knows of any shacks in the woods we can use, please email at the usual address.)

- Pomegranate is on the scout for new submissions for issue 9: MASQUE. Deadline 14th September, open to poets under 30, anywhere in the world.

- Emily Hasler, who the editors are both a fan of, won second prize in the Edwin Morgan International Poetry Competition, with her poem 'Wet Season'. (PDF on the website, which is currently inaccessible.)

- Baroness have a track from their forthcoming album up at their myspace page, which the editors are very taken with.

- Beauty in the Disregarded is having a closing party on Thursday 3rd September, 18.30-20.30, in which the full display of found objects donated by the public will also be on show.

- The Salon IV took place last Friday and some work from the gathering is on show / going up soon at Introducing Art and Thane Salon websites.

- And a very interesting bit of reading over at the ICA Bookshop blog, on poetry sections in bookshops. (Spotted via Jacob Sam-La Rose's facebook feeds - ta.) It went up in early July, and the Poor.Old.Tired.Horse. show is pretty much over now. And it's a shame that they only committed to stocking experimental books for the duration of the show. That's what, one month in how many years of bookselling?

- And Tom Chivers is reading tomorrow at The Sampler, with Helen Mort and Moniza Alvi, in case you're at a loose end. This editor booked a ticket for Frightfest long ago, so will have to miss it. Though Tom's The Terrors might make appropriate reading in advance.


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