Monday, 9 June 2008

"Chess without squares" - Four Poems by Nathan Thompson

March 29th

you feel stern today
the weather plays a game
that is somewhat like chess without squares
Easter draws on previous sales
and the harbour is electric

shall I meet you at the point
the boats are cantankerous
they are travelling tinkers
I will be wearing the Russian hat
to symbolize my lack of solidarity

how the sky draws in
like ears tapering to pixies
beside the 'tween times which is Irish for 'tourist'

I'm not satisfied with being here
so I should pay visits
but you are approaching the evening
turns its back I forget
the smell of jasmine helps me
up the banister

the castle
is in the water now it's not
tides listen to the rigging
it sounds like cutting loose from
something stand back a little
snap there we are

if the bells are in the gallery

it may be 5 now
but it's the same
as the clocks refuse to fix

probably sunnier in [insert favourite]
if I read the books right
the sly
maintenance of this picture is smoke gives pause
I've read the news and think
how adjectival why don't I
love music the same
it's not fixed
give the signal
for your band-wagon and I'll jump
properly clean not because but
merciful father I forgive you

today on the rainbow

spring comes
and easier
trying to be serious
(call me Ham)

it seems wrong to tell the animals
a function of breakdown

sometimes less deceived
the sea walks that is safe
within the bounds of abilities
and capable inhabiting dreams
the words left out make propositions

another ark passes filled with flowers

all this to think of
candle-wax and figures of speech
spilled like honey over bees

'get off'
the basement shifts
to catch the sun windows grow towards
open speech marks
here is
a promise

as the day goes

the long way
along the beach
our chairs are in the sun

how many articles have you brought with you
a cart emerges barring the road

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