Monday, 18 July 2016

Minutes of the Editorial Board Meeting (21/6/16)

21 June 2016
Present: RS, FS, GT, ST ('Bastards')
Apologies: Comrade Jésus

[In a fit of anarchist whimpering, the agenda was discarded. The self-appointed secretary randomly recorded fragments as they occurred.]

"Clean as a Swiss hotel."

"The Anonymous Scotsman must be thanked."

"A butt does look a bit like a Venn diagram."

"If I hear one more thing about hemp I'm going to kill myself."

"'Milk buttons' sounds like a euphemism for nipples."

"The hot jet of maternal sustenance shatters my cornea like a stained municipal window."

"... you are subconsciously excoriating the premise ... of a creative commons and how literature transmits itself."

"A broad shovel whacking--" / "At the testicles of illiterate society?"

"I don't think casual homophobia is necessarily the way to engage with an intellectual idea."

"The poo is all on me."

"'Four and twenty inches / hanging to his knees.' I only ever quote poetry accurately when it's obscene."

"Chickenbridge: a bridge made from chickens, for chickens."

"It will be a symphony in meow."

"And then, when she said, 'Adolescence is like being in a pool of yourself the whole time.'[*] I had a giggling fit and soemone had to talk me down."

"Get off my back!"

"Blee!" / "No, it's spelled, Bli."

"This means, 'Pedagogy as a practical mechanic.' I don't really want to think about [sic] that." / "Pedagogy of the Easily Impressed."

[*] Lavinia Greenlaw, 9 May 2001 (25:55, introducing 'The Long Day Closes')

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