Saturday, 28 June 2008

George Ttoouli - Chris McCabe: damn near everywhere

I'm not sure why, but I keep seeing Chris McCabe's name around. Readings in London, readings in Cambridge, readings in Brighton. Poems in damn near every print journal I've picked up since winter '07. I think I even saw his name on a few Downing Street petition links I was sent on circulars.

Is this a bad thing? No. I'm amazed that he gets everywhere - I assume he's learned some teleportation techniques from Sri Sri Ravi Shankar - but, although I've not yet actually managed to make it to one of his readings (lacking the necessary teleportation techniques myself) I've read several poems and thoroughly enjoyed them.

The latest set I found was in in Tears in the Fence #47. The first piece, titled 'Good Friday', could be summarised as follows: "Christ = Chris = Ian Curtis. Oh, the football's on." But it's even better than that.

Anyway, just needed to get that off my chest. Definitely one to watch.

Addendum 2/7/08 from the inbox:

SINCLAIR + McCabe + Silva, Bishopsgate Institute, Thursday
Penned in the Margins

Don't miss the second and final instalment of our Visions of the City mini-series at Bishopsgate Institute, tomorrow night. Iain Sinclair, Chris McCabe and Hannah Silva star. Limited capacity. For tickets call 020 7392 9220.

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