Tuesday, 17 June 2008

"Bliss is bliss" - Poems by Gerry Loose

Ceann Tràigh Breige

tender flesh to sit
foolish & hoping

to be
come mountain

the sun bides in
the loch surfacing

cormorants can’t
look in its void eye

Port na h-Uamha

sea’s scales
grey crow rises straight

from rock to
plummet crack

cockles & her
self falls

south wind riffs
a blue line pulleys up oak

Garbh Eilean

cold fingertips
legacy of the quick

ocean drools on
otter’s back

on hooping-under

body catching up

Sàilean an Eòrna

o there’s
nothing but

Resipole being

on its

fund in

from the deer path to my door

watched a goosepair become

sky specks dancing eyes


evening April snow bonfire rhododendron doesn’t

know it’s in the wrong place wrong time sorry


250 the oak 5 years the apple

planted move in spring winds


roof leaks black mould in the corner what

to do plant lavender in a big circle digging now


billion volt lightning thunder boomcracks circling

ozone sky smell wet head again what joy what joy


in woods bliss is bliss not

ignorance cuckoo’s back


tomatoes planted out apple blossom

on the bough what have I forgotten


Gerry Loose's book Printed on Water: New and Selected Poems was published by Shearsman in 2007. His own website can be found here, and his Ardnamurchan Journal is also well worth a look.

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