Friday, 16 September 2016

PhD students deep in discussion after discovering a copy of Force of Circumstance in their university library 
The Linking Colours   Ironic Forest Thomas   Epic Motor
Magic Sullivan   Paris Terrance   Bob Rubbing
John Temporal   Striking the Dandelion of Hero
Tom Picked   Michael Hornet   After Rilke
Ian Milton Final   Jean Nutshell   Coin Sims
Our Actual Scared Boulder   Asa Convenience
Gave Turns   Reference Uptown   Would Respect
Tim Longtime   Albert Hair   Roy Fishing
Double Deliver   Paul Claimed   Basic Haunting
The Eisenhower Review   Spoke Hopkins   Allow Fishing
Hill Griffin   Rain Sincerity   David Schooner
Anthology Barratt   Wallace of Exiles   Gain Reverie
Ugly Free   Paris Check   Five Hazard
Poetically Stories   The Logic Does
NB: This was composed some while back with the assistance of Jacket2's search engine, which historically was a little more wayward than it is now: hence these demented phrases, the result of simply putting names and titles of significance to the British Poetry Revival into J2's search-bar.  Thus 'Lawrence Upton' became 'Reference Uptown', Bob Cobbing 'Bob Rubbing' and so on.  There's a prize for anyone who manages to work out who and what all of these sonic infelicities refer to: nothing fancy, just a KitKat or something.  Enjoy! - ST  

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