Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Minutes of the New Editorial Board Meeting

date: 24/5/16
present: RS, FS, GT, ST, Comrade Jesús.
Collectively to be known as 'The Editors ("Bastards")' in future.*
item one, welcome.

By founding editors GT & ST in this Revolutionary Year Zero, to new comrades, FS and RS and Comrade Jesús. Comrade RS offered compliments on the of commandeering of a ballroom for this occasion. Comrade Jesús praised the wine. FS paints the walls with slogans.
item two, initial intentions.
FS: Writing Inside vs. Outside of Academia
RS: In Praise of Precision
GT: A Response to John Shoptaw (-------**)
ST: Francis Towne conversational review with RS (-------**)

NB: Bracketed items may take longer than stated deadline (see item three).**
General discussion of possible article categories:
- Sacred Cow Patties
- Conversational Reviews
- (Aggressive) Interviews
- Lists of links / news
- "This week I have mostly been reading..."
- The Internet Forgets Nothing (a.k.a. 'From the Archives')
- Existentio-millennial Meltdown Corner (E=2MC?)

item three, deadlines.
1 June 2016.***
item four, AOB (what does this acronym mean? why is it even allowed?)
All Our Base
Anti-Oedipus Bust-up
Apple Or Barbiturate?
Acheron opens Bakery
Also Organic Babies

Further additions, emendments, variants, system dumps and data variances welcomed, likely ignored.


* With optional exemptions of Comrade Jesús and Bastards, according to context.
** Excised from public records so as to throw the enemy off the scent.
*** All dates are nominal/fictional. "Time does not exist" --Buddha, laughing.

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