Friday, 19 June 2009

Three Poems by Tom Stevenson

The dispersing of a large crowd

‘Come and see me in a minute when I’ve not got my hands full with all of this.’

The Marquee ran at full capacity for eight hours then broke into tattered wreckage.

Pull down the community veil.
The park is shut in the day time
and at night, who knows?

Cherry-pickers gave a birds-eye view of the crater before sunset when it flooded.

Of course, it’s all made safe
Behind the fence now.

Historical Notes

The obituaries of that period were excellent but
No letters of thanks were received.

Still, some fine examples are awaited
‘with no little anticipation.’

Water damage or possibly fire may be held responsible
Drastically reducing our records of definite newsprint.

Murder Mystery

‘And now if you will permit me
I think I can make sense of it all.

If everyone could remain present for the next quarter of an hour
They might learn something surprising.’

A woman excuses herself to a curate.
She begs a hanky to pass to a young girl, barely twenty

(the one who sobbed into her sleeve from the beginning).
Such sadness.

Everyone else likes it of course
But please, I think we all could use a drink.

‘Two scotches for twins?’
They only met for the first time the night before.

‘If you could stay with us,’
(A man in black ferries drinks)

‘We have need of someone discreet and characterless.
Lead us into the chambers!’

Leaden mirror.    Florid mist.

Tom Stevenson is an artist and writer who was born in Southampton and studied Fine Art at Plymouth University's Exeter campus. He now lives in Exeter where he is part of the DJ collective Birds, Orphans and Fools. Tom is a regular reader at events such as The Umbrella Factory and People on Sunday and his work can also be found in The Cabinet Paper.

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