Wednesday, 8 April 2009

The Assault on Ian Tomlinson

Above is the troubling footage which will form the backbone of the Independent Police Complaints Commission's investigation into the death of Ian Tomlinson on April 1st. Here is a link to WritetoThem so that you can email your MP, urging them to raise the issue in parliament, and call for an open and fully accountable inquiry into the incident. This is vital, as not only was the information given out by police in the immediate aftermath of events highly misleading, but the IPCC's own initial planning for the inquiry suggested that they would be 'managing' an investigation headed by the City of London police force - who were heavily involved in the policing of the G20 protests. You can read more here and here. The Guardian, who first covered the story, have extensive coverage on the front page of their site.

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The Editors said...

There's a petition over at Avaaz encouraging an investigation and regulation of UK policing.