Wednesday, 22 October 2008

The Editors Depart Their Natural Habitat

Due to a clerical error, or more likely some other misfortune on the part of the Royal Festival Hall's excellent team of staff, Gists & Piths have been invited to London as part of the Poetry International Festival's official bloggers.

Joining an elite team of long-running and world-renowned bloggers, the Editors will attempt to maintain their cover for as long as possible, before the Southbank realises its mistake.

We will be reporting live from London, bringing you coverage of events and general reports of our pillaging forays into the café and bar stocks. We have also assembled a small team of raiders, who will be reporting simultaneously on particular events, to provide a multiplicity of views, or simply further confusion as to the state of play, depending on how optimistic your worldview is.

Whether Gists & Piths will be assimilated into the hegemonic vortex of London, welcome as a benign misfit-mascot, or find itself rudely ejected for being too damn weird, is up for grabs. Tune in from Friday. Between now and then, suggestions for what we should be packing in our knapsacks are most welcome.


Emily said...

The W.Mids misses you already...

Please blog regularly as the last thing I read was a cutting from 'Business Moneyfacts' and before that 'Professional Heating and Plumbing Installer'. My life has become a cojntinual final round of Have I got News for You.

However, one interesting article today in the Times Higher Education Supplement, about arts and humanities funding and whether the arts need to 're-brand themselves as useful to justify public money'. See if you can browse a copy in Foyles and give us your thoughts.

And I recommend the veggie stews/soups they do in the cafe. And wrap up warm!

Ems xx

Jane Holland said...

Huh! Nobody asked ME.

Well. All those steep stairs at the South Bank. All those expensive sandwiches and lattés. Will you be up to the challenge?

Yours, flouncingly, J.

The Editors said...

Em - I couldn't BELIEVE the prices in the Southbank though! £4 for a frigging square foccacia sandwich?! Tasted pretty tangy too. Hardly any olives in it.

I'm thinking I'll find a place to eat somewhere else - for those prices I may as well go for a proper meal...

I've got an 'arrival video' I'll post up once I work out how to edit it...

Jane: my wallet may not be up to the challenge, at this rate... But perhaps they didn't ask you because they wanted to be considerate about your already much-in-demand-time?

Or maybe they hadn't heard of you?

Or more likely, maybe they had heard of you? ;)


Emily said...

All sandwiches are ultimately disappointing, George. But yes, it is pricey. I recommend stealing.

I've taken a sideways career move and today I was left a very important task. I had to wash up a cup. The W.Mids is in safe hands, fear not.

More posts to come, eh? If only for the sake of my sanity, please.

Ems xx