Thursday, 17 July 2008

Statements of Intent (3) - Gloria Dawson: "White Asparagus in Vladivostok"

What a lot of people use language for seems to me absurd. There are two things to do with this absurdity - joy in it, or try to transcend it. I oscillate (and oscillation is often a good way to describe what I am doing and being) between the two. I have written for a long time without much knowing what I was doing (I am typing this in the dark, nearly). Poets who have rocked my world: Clare, Stevens, Grahams Jorie and W.S. John Kinsella. One can't make totems out of any of them and I try to avoid worship. Everything is a potential idol - and one should allow a transient gaze to settle occasionally.

A poet is someone with a bad sense of timing.

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