Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Cirrus by Chris Torrance

18/06/2005 gibbous moon in daylight

back of my left shoulder, from turf

terrace observe soft high cloud

perfectly organised & gentleing slow

so slow you could snare one, tether

it to the lawn – pet cirrus – rosy

hint on white soapbar cirrus, anxious

redstart cirrus, mysterious unrecognisable

calls cirrus, wheatsheaf cirrus,

pub garden cirrus, soft fruit crop

cirrus, the rhythm of the

shopping list cirrus, the openair bard

at evening cirrus, choir of the

hours, angels, under cirrus vault,

satnite, warm night, cirrus circus,

swifts in sizzling back streets

scour the tarmac, sepia shade corner shop,

dead insects inchdeep on the sill,

weary old bulbous moonface cirrus,

cmon this is as good as listening to

Charlie Parker cirrus, these two

macho blackbirds duelling, cirrus

like a comb or razor drifting above,

fall streaks, two tweaks of

a wrens tail shrilling, airship trailing

gossamer filaments, jetstream fallout,

washboard nave of the barrelvault cathedral,

white light night, curls in a hairdo

cirrus swallows fly under, bending

the bow the Archer rising cirrus, serious

Sirius below the belt, amphitheatre

of satnite ranking goodtime rockin

under the cirrus flambo night, sweet

cirrus I cant bear to

bring this poem to an end

first published in SAW magazine